Launched in 2021

The very first magazine talking about gastronomy and yachting

By Gourmet Deliveries

What we talk about

Interviews of chefs, captains, stews, suppliers and industry players, as well as recipes and tips for crews

When it came to creating the magazine’s editorial line, the brief was simple: to bring quality information to readers and to highlight the many people behind the extraordinary culinary creations on board most of luxury ships.

In partnership with Yachting Pages

Delivered (for free) to thousands of yacht crews in Mediterranean and Caribbean ports

Gourmet Magazine is delivered to a large network of yacht crews in the major ports of the Mediterranean and, soon, the Caribbean. The volume 1 has gathered thousands of readers, from Italy to Spain, including the famous French Riviera.

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About us

Trust and availability are the fundamental values of our team who understands where we came from and above all what we owe to the yachting industry and all its players.